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Repair Price List

Repair Price List

Expert repair work at competitive prices. Lifetime warranty.

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ManufacturerModelModel #Broken Screen (Glass Only)Broken Screen (Full Frame Screen)Charging PortBatteryButtonsCameraBack GlassNo Power, Water Damage, Data Recovery, Unlocking, or other.
AppleiPhone 3GA1324, A1241-$59$59$49$59$69-Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 3GSA1325, A1303-$59$59$49$59$69-Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 4A1349, A1332-$59$59$49$59$69-Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 4SA1431, A1387-$59$59$49$59$69-Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 5A1428, A1429, A1442-$59$59$49$59$69$59Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 5CA1456, A1507, A1516, A1529, A1532-$59$59$49$59$69-Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 5SA1453, A1457, A1518, A1528, A1530, A1533-$69$59$49$59$69$59Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 6A1549, A1586, A1589-$69$59$49$59$69-Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 6 PlusA1522, A1524, A1593-$69$69$49$69$79-Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 6SA1633, A1688, A1700-$79$69$49$69$79-Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 6S PlusA1634, A1687, A1699-$79$69$49$69$79-Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 7A1660, A1778, A1779-$89$79$59$79$89-Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 7 PlusA1661, A1784, A1785-$89$89$59$89$139-Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 8A1863, A1905, A1906-$99$89$69$99$119$129Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 8 PlusA1864, A1897, A1898-$99$89$69$99$119$129Get a Quote
AppleiPhone SEA1723, A1662, A1724-$69$69$59$69$69-Get a Quote
AppleiPhone XA1865, A1901, A1902-$159$99$79$79$139$129Get a Quote
AppleiPhone XRA1984, A2104, A2108-$159$99$79$99$139$129Get a Quote
AppleiPhone XSA1920, A2097,A2098, A2100-$169$99$79$99$139$149Get a Quote
AppleiPhone XS MaxxA1921, A2101, A2102, A2104-$249$119$89$119$139$149Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 11A2111, A2221, A2223-$179$119NA$119$169$189Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 11 ProA2160, A2215, A2217-$299$169$169$169$189$189Get a Quote
AppleiPhone 11 Max ProA2161, A2218, A2220-$389$169$149$169$199$189Get a Quote
AppleiPhone SE (2nd Gen)A2275, A2296, A2298$99$89$89$89$119$129Get a Quote
AppleiPad 5th GenerationA1822, A1823-$89$99$79$79$79-Get a Quote
AppleiPad 6th GenerationA1893, A1954-$119$119$99$99$99-Get a Quote
AppleiPad 7th GenerationA2200, A2197, A2198-$149$119$119$119$119-Get a Quote
AppleiPad AirA1474, A1475, A1476-$89$99$79$79$79-Get a Quote
AppleiPad Air 2A1566, A1567-$169$119$99$99$99-Get a Quote
AppleiPad Air 3A2123, A2153-$239-----Get a Quote
AppleiPad Mini 1A1432, A1454-$89$99$89$89$89Get a Quote
AppleiPad Mini 2A1489, A1490-$89$99$89$89$89-Get a Quote
AppleiPad Mini 3A1599, A1600-$89$99$89$89$89-Get a Quote
AppleiPad Mini 4A1538, A1550-$159$99$89$89$89-Get a Quote
AppleiPad Mini 5A2133, A2124, A2126, A2125-$189$129$129$129$129-Get a Quote
AppleiPad Pro 10.5A1701, A1709-$239$159$149$149$149-Get a Quote
AppleiPad Pro 11A1980, 1934, A2013, A1979-$349$179$179$179$179-Get a Quote
AppleiPad Pro 12.9 3rd GenA1876, A1895, A1983, A2014-$399$189$189$189$189-Get a Quote
AppleiPad Pro 12.9 2nd GenA1670, A1671-$480$159$159$159$159-Get a Quote
AppleiPad Pro 12.9 1st GenA1584, A1652-$289$159$149$149$149-Get a Quote
AppleiPad Pro 9.7A1673, A1674, A1675-$219$159$149$149$159-Get a Quote
AppleiPod Touch 5,6 GenA1574, A1509, A1421-$99$79$79$79$79-Get a Quote
AppleiPod Touch 4th GenA1367-$79$79$79$79$79-Get a Quote
GooglePixel 4 XLG020J, GA01181-$219$149$149$149$149$199Get a Quote
GooglePixel 4$209$149$149$149$149$99Get a Quote
GooglePixel 3a XLG020G or G020C-$229n/an/a$149$149$169Get a Quote
GooglePixel 3aG020A, G020E, G020F, G020G, G020H-$189n/an/a$149$149$169Get a Quote
GooglePixel 3 XLG013C-$239$119$89$149$99$99Get a Quote
GooglePixel 3G013A-$239$119$119$129$99$99Get a Quote
GooglePixel 2 XLG011A, G011C-$189$119$119$129$99$49Get a Quote
GooglePixel 2G011A-$129$99$99$99$99$49Get a Quote
GooglePixel XLG-2PW2100, G-2PW-$119$99$99$99$99$49Get a Quote
GooglePixel 5.0G-2PW4100-$109$99$99$99$79$49Get a Quote
LGG5H820, H830, H840, H848, H850, H860, VS987, LS992-$89$79$79$69$79-Get a Quote
LGG6H870, H871, H872, H872, H873, G600S, G600K, G600L, G600V-$129$89$89$79$99$69Get a Quote
LGG7 ThinQLM-G710TM-$129$89$89$79$99$69Get a Quote
LGG8 ThinQLM-G820V, LM-G820UM, LM-G820TM, LM-G820N, LM-G820QM-$219$109$119$89$129$99Get a Quote
LGK20 PlusM250, VS501, MP260-$89$79$29$49$59-Get a Quote
LGK30X410TK-$89$79$79$69$69-Get a Quote
LGK40LMX420, LMX420EMW, LM-X420-$89$79$79$69$69-Get a Quote
LGQ7 Alpha/Q7 PlusLMQ610-$109$79$69$69$69$59Get a Quote
LGStylo 3 PlusTP450, MP450, M470, M470F-$99$79$29$49$59-Get a Quote
LGStylo 4Q710, Q710CS, Q710MS-$109$79$69$69$79$49Get a Quote
LGStylo 5LM-Q72-$119$79$69$69$69-Get a Quote
LGV20F800, H910, H918, H990, H990N, H990T, LS997, US996, VS995-$109$89$89$79$89-Get a Quote
LGV30 /V30S/V30ThinQH930DS, H930K, H931, H933, V300, LS998, VS996, H930G, H930, H932, US998-$199$89$89$89$99$79Get a Quote
LGV40/V40 ThinQV400, V405, V409-$249$99$99$89$99$79Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Note 10.1SM-P600, SM-P605-$249$129$79$79$99-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Note 10.1SM-N8000-$149$99$89$79$79-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Note 4SM-N910T, SM-N910P, SM-N910V, SM-N910A, SM-N910F-$149$89$35$69$79-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Note 5SM-N920T, SM-N920P, SM-N920V, SM-N920A, SM-N920F-$169$89$79$79$79$59Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Note 8SM-N950, SM-950F-$249$89$79$79$99$69Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Note 9SM-N960U, SM-N960F-$279$99$79$89$99$79Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Note 10SM-N970F, SM-N970N,-$349$99$89$89$99$79Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Note 10 PlusSM-N975N, SM-N975F-$359$99$89$89$129$79Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Note Pro 12.2SM-P900-$299$149$129$99$79-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S5SM-G920T, SM-G920P, SM-G920V, SM-G920A, SM-G920F-$109$89$29$79$79-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S5 ActiveSM-G870A-$129$89$29$59$89-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S5 MiniSM-G800A, SM-G800F-$129$79$39$49$49-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S6SM-G920T, SM-G920P, SM-G920V, SM-G920A, SM-G920F-$149$89$69$69$79$59Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S6 ActiveSM-G890A-$149$119$119$119$119-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S6 EdgeSM-G925T, SM-G925P, SM-G925V, SM-G925A, SM-G925F-$179$79$79$79$89$59Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge+SM-G928T, SM-G928V, SM-G928P, SM-G928A, SM-G928F-$219$89$79$79$79$69Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S7SM-G930T, SM-G930V, SM-G930P, SM-G930A, SM-G930F-$149$89$79$69$79$59Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S7 ActiveSM-G891A-$239$159$159$159$159-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S7 EdgeSM-G935T, SM-G935V, SM-G935P, SM-G935A, SM-G935F-$219$89$69$79$79$59Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S8SM-G950U, SM-G950F-$219$79$79$79$79$59Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S8 ActiveSM-G892A-$229$119$119$119$119-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S8+SM-G955U, SM-G955F-$239$79$79$79$79$69Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S9SM-G960U, SM-G960F-$249$79$79$89$79$69Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy A10EA102UZ-$139-----Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S9+SM-G965U, SM-G965F-$249$79$79$99$89$79Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S10SM-G973U, SM-G973F-$299$129$89$99$149$79Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S10+SM-G975-$319$129$89$99$149$79Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S10 5GSM-G977U, SM-G977N, SM-G977B-$359$129$89$99$149$79Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy S10eSM-G970U, SM-G970F-$249$129$89$99$149$79Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab 4 10.1SM-P5200, SM-T530, SM-T531, SM-T535-$79$69$59$49$59-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab 4 7.0SM-T231, SM-T235, SM-T237-$79$69$59$49$59-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab 4 8.0SM-T330-$69$69$59$49$59-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab Pro 8.4SM-T320-$119$89$79$69$79-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab S2 8.0SM-T710, SM-T715-$239$149$139$99$109-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab S2 9.7SM-T810, SM-T815-$259$169$159$99$119-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab S3 9.7SM-T820, SM-T825, SM-T827-$289$199$199$109$89-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab A 10.1SM-T580-$99$79$79$59$69-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab A 10.5SM-T590, SM-T595, SM-T597-$129$89$79$79$89-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab A 7.0SM-T280, SM-T285-$79$79$69$59$69-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab A 7.0SM-T280, SM-T285-$79$69$59$39$59-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab A 8.0SM-T350-$89$79$69$59$69-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab A 8.0SM-T387-$89$79$69$49$69-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab A 9.7SM-T550-$119$79$59$59$69-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab A 9.7SM-T550, SM-T555-$79$79$69$49$69-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab S 10.5SM-T800-$209$149$149$79$89-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab S 8.4SM-T700, SM-T705-$209$129$119$79$119-Get a Quote
SamsungGalaxy Tab S4SM-T830, SM-T835-$349$139$129$99$99-Get a Quote
MicrosoftSurface Pro 21572-$149-$139---Get a Quote
MicrosoftSurface Pro 31631-$189-$219---Get a Quote
MicrosoftSurface Pro 4 Ver. 11724-$189-$229---Get a Quote
MicrosoftSurface Pro 4 Ver. 2, 5, 61724, 1796-$259-$249.00---Get a Quote
MotorolaMoto G7XT1962-$109-----Get a Quote
MotorolaMoto G7 PowerXT1955-$89-----Get a Quote
MotorolaMoto G7 PlayXT1952-$89-----Get a Quote
MotorolaMoto G7 PlusXT1965-$89-----Get a Quote
MotorolaMoto Z4XT1980-$169-----Get a Quote