Apple AirTags (for People Who Can Never Find Anything)

We all know that one person, or are that person, who cannot seem to keep track of a set of keys, a purse or backpack. Luckily, Apple is making it easier than ever to track down your belongings, even if they are hiding in plain sight. With Apple AirTags, the game of “Where’s Waldo?” with your car keys will not make you miss that appointment or dinner date.

Tracking devices for smaller items are not necessarily a new thing to hit the market, but being interconnected with our smartphones has been a missing component. In their all-knowing ways, Apple has recognized that the two-point check has added a component in recent years. Before, it was as simple as keys, wallet, and out the door. Now, phones are just as essential and have joined the party.

So what is an AirTag? How does it work? Is it safe and reliable? We dive into all of these questions and more below.

What Is an AirTag?

In the simplest terms, an Apple AirTag is a tracking device that is tied to your other Apple products. Similar to the way that you can use the Find My Phone app to locate a lost iPhone, AirTags bring non-Apple products into the digital space. Consider AirTags a steroided version of Life Alert for the items you cherish the most.

More Than a Tracking Device

Saying that the Apple AirTag is a tracking device is a bit like referring to a 1967 Shelby Mustang as a car. Does it accurately describe it? Sure, but it honestly is doing the technology a huge disservice. Never before has it been so easy to connect your most precious possessions to a single tracking platform that is never more than a few feet away from you.

Endless Uses

In their genius, Apple has taken a minimalist approach and created a tool that can be attached to just about anything you want. Lose your keys every other day? Have a pet that is an escape artist? Caring for a loved one who has Alzheimer’s? The applications are truly endless.

Because of their small size, attaching AirTags is a breeze and setup only takes a couple of seconds. Once set up, they are connected to all of your other Apple devices, as well as the Apple community.

How AirTags Work

If you haven’t come to grips with the fact that our phones are constantly tracking movement, take a moment to scream into a pillow. Feel better? The fact is, all of the data that our devices are streaming back to Apple servers can be an incredibly useful tool.

If You Can Ping It, You Can Track It

AirTags are directly connected to the Find My App on your devices. That means that as long as you have power and service, you can ping your AirTags. Depending on proximity, you will see a couple of different tracking screens.

The first is for those items that are truly separated from their panicking owner. Did you leave your purse at Starbucks for the third time this month? Your AirTag will quickly let you know, even if it is across town or across the country. As you get closer, the app (in newer iPhone models) will change over to a view that shows if you are getting hot or cold. Think of this as a much easier game of Marco Polo. Even items that are buried under old pizza boxes will show up on the app; college students can rejoice! 

Tap into the Apple Network

Being able to track my own device sounds great, but what happens when something is truly lost, or perhaps stolen? Similar to other devices, Apple AirTags can be put into Lost Mode. This will tap into other Apple users that might be in the proximity of that which you are tracking.

Having a helping hand can be particularly helpful when the AirTag is on the move, such as with a pet that has wandered off on a neighborhood adventure. 

What About Security?

Like everything else Apple, AirTags are encrypted so even if you are using the community to help you locate a lost item or loved one, your personal information is secure. If another user is prompted that there is an AirTag in their vicinity, they will receive an alert but all of the owner’s information will be hidden.

Let’s Talk Cheddar

Owners of Apple products are used to paying a premium for the latest and greatest technology. But those expecting to shell out a fortune for an AirTag will be pleasantly surprised. With pricing starting at $29, and no need to pay for additional service, these newcomers to the Apple universe are surprisingly affordable.

Are Apple AirTags Worth It?

Perceived value is in the eye of the investor. However, with a variety of applications and a reasonable price tag, Apple AirTags are a great product or gift. 

Smartphone Service and Repair

Whether you are struggling with adding Apple AirTags to your Apple ecosystem or are in need of device repair, the Gadget Genie team has you covered. Our team of experts in all things Apple can get your issue resolved quickly and keep you connected.

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