For Businesses

We always use whatever resources may be available to us. In return, we offer ourselves as a resource to anyone that may need work in micro soldering or other types of specialized repairs. It is our goal to be an extension of your business, rather than your competitor! This allows us to help the largest customer base possible, which is what is best for the community and your business!

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Our Partners

Repair Shops

We have a tight-knit group of experienced mobile technicians that primarily focus on micro soldering board-level work. We support several local repair shops that do not micro solder and many of these repair shops outsource their board-level work to us and then upcharge their customer to make additional income streams and maximize repair opportunities in their shops. If you are interested in doing either of those things, then here are some of the repairs we specialize in:

  • iPhone IC touch disease
  • Dead phones (won’t turn on)
  • Data recovery (physical/water damage)
  • We can provide quotes for all other complex repairs.

Wireless Retailers – Indirect/Authorized Dealers

Many retailers do not provide or receive support when it comes to broken or damaged devices that come through their doors, except through third-party ‘insurance’ programs. Our specialty in mobile device repairs and status as partner to an authorized dealer of MetroPCS phones and various other retail locations makes us the right choice if you’re a franchisee or store owner looking to profit from alternative revenue streams or monetize your traffic.

  • Full range of repairs, including screens and charging ports
  • Data transfer and recovery
  • Software support, device unlocks
  • Lifetime warranty!

Campuses/ IT Departments/ Other Businesses

We also provide wide range of support for schools, community centers, corporate IT departments, and various other businesses or organizations. Repairs may be made in bulk with discounted, wholesale pricing. A few of the services we provide include:

  • Operating System support for PCs, laptops, and mobile devices
  • Hardware repairs for desktops, projectors, or general electronic devices
  • Buyback/trade-in program

You wish it, we fix it!

We are a professional gadget repair and warranty center that specializes in micro soldering and dead device data recovery, among a multitude of other repair services for your Android, iPhone, tablet, PC, or anything else with a power button!

“No Fix, No Fee” Policy

That means no fuss! Our talented technicians have seen just about every issue imaginable. We’ll figure out the solution or you don’t pay a dime.

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on most repairs, and when you’re ready to trade-in for something new – we got you covered there, too!

Fanatical Customer Service

We’re obsessed with customer service and finding the right solution for every customer and every situation. It’s in our DNA and drives us every day.