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How to Recover Data from a Phone with a Broken Screen

Your fancy smartphone with the rugged rubber case? Well, it’s fallen, and by some sort of bad luck, it’s angled itself in a way to shatter your screen perfectly. Even the most cautious mobile phone owners may face this issue.

How to Recover Data from a Phone with a Broken Screen

Your fancy smartphone with the rugged rubber case? Well, it’s fallen, and by some sort of bad luck, it’s angled itself in a way to shatter your screen perfectly. Even the most cautious mobile phone owners may face this issue.

Where Did They Go? How To Recover Deleted Pictures

how to recover deleted pictures

It happens. Your phone blacks out, your toddler is discovered happily pressing the buttons, or you dropped it overboard. Maybe you just accidentally deleted a file or folder. You stand to lose valuable information. Data recovery methods must be customized

What is the Single Most Important Part of Data Recovery?

Deleted files, corrupted disks and RAW partitions can send you into a tech-driven anxiety spiral. In these emergency situations, it’s easy to jump on any possible solution that will fix your problem. Before you do anything, you need to understand

What are RAW Files in Data Recovery?

what are RAW files in data recovery

RAW files are the technological equivalent of your most unorganized colleague’s mess of a desk. Without a proper system of organization, it’s almost impossible to find what you need. It’s the same for RAW files and drives. Without a system

How Does Forensic Data Recovery Work?

how does forensic data recovery work

Lost files, corrupt drives and mismanaged operating systems often lead to digital data being forever adrift in the technological ether. From small businesses to enterprise behemoths, data loss can be a big problem, leading to costly downtime and general logistical

SSD vs HDD: Data Recovery, Cost & Other Differences to Know About

ssd vs hdd data recovery

We created 2.5 quintillion data bytes daily in 2020. – techjury It’s unimaginable. By 2025, we the people will be generating 463 exabytes of data every day. Mobile technology changed the playing field substantially. Smartphones and tablets connecting to Wi-Fi are

Apple AirTags (for People Who Can Never Find Anything)

apple airtags

We all know that one person, or are that person, who cannot seem to keep track of a set of keys, a purse or backpack. Luckily, Apple is making it easier than ever to track down your belongings, even if

Is Google Really an Alternative to College Education?

google alternative to college

Continuing their trend in establishing the future of business, Google is pushing further into the education field with new offerings in the Google Certificates program. What started as a way for them to build a homegrown IT pipeline is quickly

A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

beginner's guide to cryptocurrency

In the course of just a few years, cryptocurrency (or crypto) has gone from relative obscurity to influencing aspects of everyday life. For outsiders looking in, it can seem like an uncrackable code made for the next generation. With the

Gaming Rigs: Gearing Up for Epic Gaming

advanced gaming rigs

As gaming has grown in popularity, the machines needed to play cutting edge games are pushing the technological envelope with increased performance and power. Hardcore gamers that once were limited to their ability to build their ultimate gaming machine now

Treadmill Desks: A Step In The Right Direction

treadmill desks

For years, humans have been fighting their evolutionary design. Simply put, our bodies are built for activity. The advent of the technological revolution is the latest in a long line of culprits that have promoted a sedentary lifestyle.  Throw into

The Dyson Institute: How to Get a Dyson Degree

the dyson institute

For those of us that grew up in the 90s and early 2000s you couldn’t go far without running into a Dyson vacuum cleaner commercial or advertisement. Their innovative products really put the suck in suction and, ever since its

Super Nintendo World: The In-Game Experience

super nintendo world

There is something purely nostalgic about classic video games, in all of their two-dimensional glory. Whether it is slinging turtle shells at your sibling to take the final lap in Mario-Kart or saving Princess Peach from Bowser, there is truly

Stocks and Tech: A Battle for Trading Supremacy

stocks and tech

Have you ever heard the story of a small band of rebel forces taking on a massive empire? Chances are, you thought we were talking about Star Wars. While you are not entirely wrong, we were thinking something more recent.

The Future Is Here: All About Augmented Reality (AR) Contacts

augmented reality contacts

The line between technology and humanity has become increasingly blurred over the last few decades. Advancements in augmented reality (AR) and medical prosthetics have pushed us to the point of almost cyborg-human hybrids. While we may have laughed off Google

Is It Time to Replace Your Phone Battery?

replace phone battery

If you’re living on 12%, let us be the first to say: no one should live like that. If your phone battery keeps dying, it could be at the end of its life. Or not.  Read on to get some

How to Manage Business Technology in a Work-from-Home Environment

business technology management

Just like that, #wfh became a permanent situation. Rocking business-as-usual, this initial disruption has evolved into something pretty powerful. Reduced overhead costs, increased flexibility (and employee satisfaction) and streamlined operations are all possible with remote teams. But virtual work is

The Best Drones for Every Budget

drones for every budget

It’s not hard to see why drones are becoming so popular. They make you feel powerful without spending 40 hours to get an aircraft pilot’s license. But seriously, the creative possibilities are endless. Plus, drones are fun. Like, a lot

Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra: Full Specs

If you’re a Samsung or Android fan, you probably wait for Samsung’s new flagship phone every year. Samsung is known for its hardware innovations and introducing new technologies with each new smartphone. And this year, they’ve done it again with

New Games to Play on VR in 2021

While video game consoles are getting more powerful with every generation, the overall gaming experience is pretty much the same. While the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are way more powerful than their predecessors, you still sit on the

Cyberpunk 2077 Refunds: Everything You Need to Know

Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most anticipated video game titles in the last decades. Seriously. The amount of hype around this game was unbelievable. Since CD Projekt Red—the development studio behind the game—announced Cyberpunk 2077 back in 2012, people

Joe Biden and Big, Green Tech

Anytime a new administration is ushered in, we are bound to see regulatory shifts and new initiatives in the technology sphere. Especially with an incoming president who has the environment on the agenda, the door may be wide open for

New Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods were undeniably one of the hottest gifts this past holiday season. If you got a pair, or got enough cash to buy some, read on. We’ll dive into what’s sweet about the new AirPods, how they’re different from

COVID-19 Vaccine Tech Miracle

Even as lines form and we all learn about cold freezer storage, the COVID-19 vaccine looks like the beginning of the end of a wearisome pandemic. All of our lives have changed as a result of this coronavirus. It has

Top 5 Tech We Have to Look Forward to in 2021

Let’s face it. 2020 could have been better. Despite a global pandemic and tech companies being hamstrung by paralyzed supply chains, innovation is never out of style. And 2021 holds great promise for new tech in a few different sectors.

Funko Pop: Holiday 2020

A-dor-a-ble. That’s really the word to describe Funko Pops. Whether you’re low-key into anime or have kids who can’t resist the big-eyed version of their favorite Pixar character, Funko Pops have probably come across your radar. And they are definitely

COVID-19 and the Impact of the Holiday Season

This holiday season, you may or may not opt to just Amazon everything. For some of us, the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping is part of the charm of celebration. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise or hold steady,

Smartphones and Privacy: Everything You Need to Know

Even though you open your phone with a fingerprint, most people realize that smartphones can have plenty of security gaps. Cybercriminals aren’t interested in your Candy Crush high score. That said, your phone could represent a security threat. From banking

Data Recovery: How Data Loss Occur & How We Can Help

Data Recovery: How To Get Your Stuff Back In a world where most people work and store sensitive information on electronic devices, data loss can be devastating. When a computer or another digital device is damaged, it’s the idea of

Guide to Goodies: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Giveaway

Gadget Genie’s Holiday Gift Guide It’s about that time of year: Black Friday ads everywhere and all of the “latest, greatest, must-haves” plastered through your social feeds. Decisions decisions. Whether you made your list months ago or just realized the

Budget & Build: Fundamentals of a Gaming PC

Do You Need a Gaming PC? If you’re into video games, a gaming computer is a must. Mind-blowing performance, a wide range of gaming accessories, perfectly suited for individualized use: what’s not to like about gaming computers? Whether you’re a

Pros, Cons, and Cost Analysis of Repairing vs Replacing

Repairing vs. Replacing With the average smartphone exceeding $1k, the question of whether to repair or replace it is a significant one. After all, if your child chucks your phone across the room or your laptop screen goes black, it’s

Amazon’s Always Home: An Indoor Drone

Amazon Home Drones A drone that films your home… all of the time. Home run? Or a hackable nightmare? There are opinions on both sides. What stands uncontended is that Amazon is the first of many companies who will be

Commercial vs Consumer: The Business of Drones

Consumer vs. Commercial Drones Drones, drones everywhere. And not just the ones being flown by hobbyists in the park or used to deploy military weapons. Somewhere in the middle of those two uses, consumer and commercial drones serve a lot

Helpful Guide to Purchasing Your First Drone!

Drone On  New hobby? Essential service? Around for good? Yes. Drones are taking up a lot of roles. As precision and standards improve, drones can be used to do everything from capturing aerial footage for your family Christmas video to

Commitment to Sustainability: Apple’s Carbon Neutral Plan

Apple’s Carbon Neutral Commitment Loki, Kylo Ren, Voldemort, polluters. In this day and age, one of the most villainous things a company can do is harm the environment. Because it alienates huge sectors of the population, businesses do environmental audits

Working From Home During A Pandemic

Working From Home We’ve mastered the Zoom filter, the VPNs and the screen-shares. We know how to time our meetings around the kids’ schedules, to go on mute and to use remote file sharing platforms. Perhaps most importantly, we know

Password Managers: One Password To Rule Them All

Hate to break it to you: your mother’s maiden name and your high school graduation year aren’t going to cut it. In this day and age, passwords protect pretty much all of your vital information. And yet, password statistics from

Neuralink: Man As The Machine?

Neuralink: Man As The Machine? A chip that lets you stream music directly to your brain. Sounds like a sci-fi novel. In July of 2019, Elon Musk announced that this won’t be fiction for long.  Neuralink is Musk’s latest effort

You Bought It. You Own It. Stand Up For Your Right to Repair It!

The Right to Repair The Right to Repair is a growing movement focused on ending unfair blocks on repair. With support from all over the United States, the Right to Repair will allow consumers and third party repair facilities alike

Step Into a New Reality: Virtual Reality Gaming & Tech Repair

Virtual Reality Games and Tech Reviews As gamers, the worlds we’ve imagined have become increasingly sharp and sensory. 4K, razor-sharp audio and slick game design have upgraded digital environments. With VR, we can now step inside. What once felt like

Tesla Tech News: Cybertrucks and Open Source Logic Board Repair

Tesla Logic Boards In case you are emerging from a cave dwelling, Tesla is a sustainable energy, rocket-launching, electric car manufacturing power player. Led by the eccentric, Bruce-Wayne-esq Elon Musk, Tesla has annual earnings in the billions. With a B.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Next-Gen Console Review

Gaming Consoles It’s a world of infinite possibilities. Next-gen game consoles are revolutionizing the way players interact with and conquer games. These powerful units are leveraging everything from better-than-life 4K graphics to virtual reality. The result is optimized gaming performance

“ATTENTION! Your device has been blocked up for safety reasons listed below.”

Device Virus Alert

But maybe not, if you take the necessary precautions to safeguard your device! In a continuously-growing, innovative world of technology, more and more information is available across all sorts of platforms – including mobile devices. In fact, smartphones and tablets

The importance of using an Apple MFi certified charger

Apple MFi certified charger

How spending $25 could save you several headaches and hundreds of dollars If you own a recent model of the iPhone, then you expect a top-of-the-line, “Apple quality” product. After all, you’ve paid a pretty penny for them (more-so for

Oh Snap! GadgetGenie.com is live.

Gadget Genie

We’re GadgetGenie – your one stop online and local repair shop! We specialize in mobile device repairs that require micro soldering, but branch out to all kinds of repairs to all kinds of devices. Mobile devices tend to be easier

5 really useful apps you may not know much about

There are millions of apps available for download between the Google Play and Apple App Store, many of which contain cross-platform support through various browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE) or as a standalone application on PC or Mac. In no special

Apple vs Samsung: A closer look at form and function

Comparing Apple to … well, not oranges There are countless smartphones to choose from on today’s market, but it is arguable that only a handful are providing true innovative design. Trying to make each model better than the last through

Recovering your data and peace of mind

Your smartphone can store all kinds of personal data – emergency contacts, baby pictures, work schedules, and any number of things you’d hate to lose access to! But what happens if you drop your device in water, fish it out,

The popular rice myth, and why it doesn’t work

What to do after your device gets wet, and how to prevent it in the first place. Cell phones have revolutionized the world, and have also become an essential part of our everyday lives. Most of us invest a lot