Micro Soldering

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Micro Soldering

While many of the repairs we deal with can be simple and straight forward, such as a screen replacement, sometimes components that are soldered into the logic board itself can go bad or become faulty. It is when this happens that you need a repair shop like us, who specialize in micro soldering, to investigate and use our talents to cover the repair you need.

Issues dealing with audio or the display itself are often repairs that require micro soldering, such as Audio IC, Touch IC, No/Half backlight, etc. Other times, it may be a previous repair attempt on the device that requires fixing, such as “long screw damage”. And then finally you have power issues, where the device doesn’t charge, hold a charge, or power on – which in iPhones could mean Tristar.

No matter the repair needed, bring your device in today and let us diagnose it for you! Diagnostics are free, and we’ll always provide you with the best price available on the market.

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