Micro Soldering

Live a little too far? We accept mail in repairs all the time.

Micro Soldering

Micro Soldering

Fixing a smartphone or tablet may often be straightforward and simple, like replacing the screen of the mobile device or updating the software. But there may be instances when components have to be soldered into the logic board of the device. Well, if your device requires this, you need not look any further since we specialize in micro soldering and fixing logic board issues.

Certification and Experience

Our technicians have all the necessary certifications and experience when it comes to micro soldering. They are capable of fixing even the most complex and complicated logic board issues. You are in good hands if your mobile device requires this type of service.

Micro Soldering Solution

Micro soldering is often needed when there are issues with the display and audio components of the mobile device. These issues may be related to the audio IC or the display IC. It may even involve issues with the backlight that does not turn on. If you had your device repaired somewhere else in the past, it may have sustained what is called “long screw damage,” which will require additional repair. Power issues may also require micro soldering, including instances when the device would not charge or even hold a charge. The device may not even power up when it is turned on. These are some of the issues micro soldering will solve.

If you are unsure about the issues your mobile device is experiencing, just bring it to us so our technicians can diagnose it. Diagnosis is free and we can guarantee that you will receive the best service in town from our professional technicians who can work on just about any mobile device in the market.

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“After an estimate of 3-5 days to repair my Mac, Vishal had it repaired in two days!”

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“Handled the screen replacement promptly and professionally.”

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Live a little too far? We accept mail in repairs all the time.