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Phone Liquid & Water Damage

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Phone Liquid & Water Damage Federal Way

Once your device has gotten wet, whether from a spill or submersion, you may think it is toast! While the delicate circuitry within the device itself does not perform well when exposed to liquids, there are some precautionary steps to follow.

First, do not attempt to power on the device or press any buttons! In most cases, you want to wait at least 24 hours after liquid contact and limit the amount you are moving the device. The last thing you want is the liquid to seep into more of the device and increase the damage caused.

Second, bring it to a professional like us! We’ll take all the necessary steps to try and repair the device. Water damage is tricky, though, so depending on the extent of the damage it really may not work the same as it did prior to getting wet. If this is the case, then we can at least recover the data and transfer it to a new device for you.

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