Privacy Policy

Gadget Genie will collect different types of information regarding what type of service we may offer you. You will only be asked to give your information if it is appropriate

Personal Identification Information

Gadget Genie will collect different types of information regarding what type of service we may offer you. You will only be asked to give your information if it is appropriate. We will not ask for any more information than is necessary to what you would like. If you are just receiving our newsletter, we will request your first name, last name, and your email address to keep you informed of any information regarding any current offers we have. If you request any of our services, we will request an address to send you the proper materials required to ship your device to us. After our services are completed, we will request proper payment information to process your order. All your information will be saved to allow for an easier experience logging into our website and using our payment service.

Handling Personal Identification Information

We prioritize our customer’s privacy; we will not provide or sell our customer’s information to third parties.Any information regarding your name, phone number, email address, personal address, or payment information will be secured in our database and will only be seen by employees at Gadget Genie as needed. Your payment information will be securely stored and not available for our employees to see.

Non-Personal Information

Certain information will be collected from users who visit our website. We will only track information regarding previous visits to our website to allow for a faster and easier experience. This information is known as “cookies”. If you would like to keep this information private, just have your internet browser refuse cookies and that information will not be tracked. Note: Refusing cookies may cause some features of the website to not function.

Privacy of Data Recovered

Gadget Genie limits access to your information to our technicians who need the information to properly fulfill your Data Recovery request. If we require a third party to allow us to recover the data, we will contact you before proceeding with their assistance. These third parties will only be authorized to do what is necessary to diagnose and recover your data as needed.
Gadget Genie will sign a confidentiality agreement if requested. This agreement may reinforce our privacy policy but will not supersede our privacy policy unless otherwise stated. All our employees and vendors maintain a strict non-disclosure agreement.


We will display reviews on our website in addition to other accomplishments. We will not post your comment without your consent, and if you wish to update or delete your testimonial, feel free to contact us.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Any changes to our privacy policy will be sent via e-mail to all our customers who we are currently, and previously, fulfilling requests for. These changes will only be improvements on clarifying our policy and will not change our standing privacy policy. By using our services, you are agreeing to our privacy policy, as well as our terms and conditions.