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Phone Data Recovery

Cell Phone Data Recovery

Mobile devices have become one of the most important possessions of just about anyone these days. People bring it with them everywhere they go and losing it is akin to losing an appendage. Aside from the contacts and photos, these devices also contain files and documents you need for work. We understand the importance of mobile devices in your life and the data they contain. So, if something happens to it and you need to recover the data, we will do our very best to retrieve them for you.

Our Experience

Aside from hardware repair, our technicians also have all the necessary experience in dealing with software issues in your mobile device. One of these issues that we can help you with is data recovery. There may be instances when the cost of repairing your device is much higher than simply recovering the data it contains. In this situation, our technicians will give their recommendation so you can make an informed decision. If you decide to simply have the data recovered, we can do that for you.

Our Process

Before data recovery is even proposed, our technicians will evaluate the damage your mobile device sustained. If we can get your mobile device working again, it will be easy to access and recover the data it contains. But if the damage is extensive and the device cannot be repaired, our technicians will take more invasive methods in accessing the data. It is somewhere inside your device, and we will do our best in getting it for you. Once we recover it, we will give it to you in a user-readable format.

Data recovery is among the more important services we offer. We take it seriously since we understand how important your mobile device data is to you. If you want data on your mobile device recovered, you should look no further than GadgetGenie.

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Live a little too far? We accept mail in repairs all the time.

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