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Live a little too far? We accept mail in repairs all the time.

Macbooks Repair Federal Way

MacBooks Repair

Apple Care not covering the repair of your MacBook? Or is it out of warranty already? You can come to us and we’ll give you peace of mind as we work on getting you back on using your beloved Apple device.

Repair Services

Is the display on your MacBook not functioning properly? Or is the device not powering up? Our technicians are trained to work on these issues. Is the logic board or drive not functioning properly? Or are you having issues with the trackpad or the keyboard? Drop by our shop and let our technicians check your MacBook.

Upgrade and Maintenance

Aside from repairing the MacBook, we also offer maintenance services for your Apple device. From a simple tune-up to a software upgrade, we can make life easier for you. Are the default components not enough for your needs and are you thinking of upgrading the hardware on your Mac? Drop by our shop and we can install a new hard drive or RAM into your device.

Our technicians are also trained in assessing any damage to your Mac. This is useful when it comes to liquid or severe physical damage on your Mac. At this point, our technicians will assess if the cost of repairing the device outweighs simple data recovery. They will give their recommendation to give the information you need to come to a decision. You will have to decide if the information is more important than a working Mac. If the information is vital, you may opt for data recovery from the SSD or the hard drive of your MacBook.

Get a Quote

You can pass by the shop and have our technicians check your MacBook and give you a quote on the repairs needed.  Aside from the initial problems you discovered, our technicians will also check for any undiscovered issues on the device and include them in the quote. We will only proceed in working on the device once you are satisfied with both our solution and quote for the repairs.

What are you waiting for? Drop by the shop or chat with our technicians so we can get your MacBook working again.

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Live a little too far? We accept mail in repairs all the time.