Password Managers: One Password To Rule Them All

Hate to break it to you: your mother’s maiden name and your high school graduation year aren’t going to cut it. In this day and age, passwords protect pretty much all of your vital information. And yet, password statistics from 2020 indicate that 53% of people are still relying on memory and using the same passwords for business and personal accounts. If you are one of the 71% of people using the same password on multiple sites and accounts, keep reading.

From personal data to business records, safeguarding your passwords is a high priority activity. Password managers are up to the task. These are agile, intelligent systems that are easy to activate and maintain without endless strings of unintelligible numbers and letters. Read on to learn more about how to digitally lock-box your info using the most up-to-date technology.

How Secure is Your Password?

First, a word about what password managers are not. Password managers are not simply suggestions or password generators. We all get the prompts to configure a (regrettably forgettable) password made up of “eight letters, two numbers and one character.” A password manager is a much more sophisticated system that creates ever-changing passwords. This has numerous benefits.

Some of the features you should look for in a password manager are:

•Security: encryption, two-factor authentication (one-time passwords, face scans, fingerprints).

•Easy to use: can import passwords and has an accessible vault.

•Sharing: multiple devices and even users (in a family or business) should be able to use the same password management systems.

•Virtual Private Network (VPN): this is one of the most elite ways to secure your systems and devices and high-quality password managers can offer this level of protection.

Are Password Managers Safe?

You may think that giving yet another software platform the keys to the kingdom (or, your cholesterol score and banking records) is the opposite of a safety move. However, there are multiple layers of protection built into systems like these. Password managers use “zero knowledge.” This means that the company running these systems don’t actually see or know your master password. The result is authentic protection from cyber-attacks and breaches.

Password Managers Review

There are several different contexts in which you’ll want to use a password manager. Most of the time, you’re going to want a global system that can apply to all of your personal and business devices. In an age of ultimate connectivity, segmenting out your coverage isn’t ideal. Because of the fact that you are probably using your phone to check business email, it’s vital that you get a streamlined process in place. Here are the best offerings per platform and some global password manager reviews.

Password Managers for Business

Managing business passwords is increasingly essential. With the activation of the remote workforce, employees are accessing company drives from personal devices. When this happens a lot, there is no choice but to use a password manager and ensure the safety of customer files or business records.

One of the emerging victors in password management for business is Lastpass. Lastpass secures all entry points. Users create a single, master password. As accounts and sign-ons are connected, Lastpass stores these, centralizing control and simplifying management. Lastpass also has anonymous password sharing, so employees can be given access to corporate accounts and sign in without ever knowing or using the actual password.

Password Managers for Mac

For Apple devices generally, a password manager may be advisable. Apple is notorious for locking down data on their devices. While this may be great for hackers, it may also mean that you are at risk of getting locked out of your own system. Opting for a third-party password manager may be the ticket. 

You’ll want something that’s compatible with all of your Apple devices, including things like your Macbook and Apple Watch. One of the highest-reviewed password managers for iPhone and all Apple devices is Dashlane. Dashlane has military-grade encryption, scans dark web, unlimited VPNs and a one-click password changers and importer.

As you look for a password manager, you may want to consider whether it can sync to both iOS and non-iOS devices and if extra features or upgrades really make a difference.

Password Managers for Android

If you use Android devices, it’s important to have a consistent password management system. Password managers implement security hygiene without needing to make each password unique or complex. Windows and Android devices may be secured with a Google password manager.

Google password manager is an increasingly popular choice for Android users. Google integrates pretty seamlessly with Android devices. Users can store and manage saved passwords for all Chrome visits. While this is a pretty intuitive system, it doesn’t come with a lot of extra features. If you need password sharing, encryption, VPN or other extras, you may want to look into some of the options listed below.

Best Password Managers

Here are some other highly recommended password managers to look into.

•RoboForm: has a lot of form-fill capabilities, good for multi-device use.

•Keeper: encryption for shared files.

•Sticky Password: local storage options.

•Bitwarden: open-source data selections.

•1Password: good for non-technical users.

•NordPass: easy to use and access.

Device & Password Safety 

Not having a good password in place or even forgetting your password poses a security threat. Also it’s annoying. For instance, if you have a password protected phone and accidentally unlock the screen while it’s bumping around in your pocket, you get a locked device. True story. If you have a locked device, bring it in. We may be able to minimize lost data before it’s too late.

Most commonly, people like you just want some guidance one which password manager to choose and how to get the ball rolling. If you contact us, we can coach you through this. Consider us a third-party consultant to help you activate better security for your home and work systems. If you need this or any other tech services, contact Gadget Genie today.

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