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The Right to Repair

The Right to Repair is a growing movement focused on ending unfair blocks on repair. With support from all over the United States, the Right to Repair will allow consumers and third party repair facilities alike to repair electronics using all of the necessary tools and parts.  Read on to learn about OEM repair monopolies, the Right to Repair Act, the movement, how to get involved and repair facilities that are ready to meet your repair needs.

OEM Repair Monopolies

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are companies that manufacture parts for a product. OEMs have frequently monopolized the repair industry through restrictions and fine-print. OEMs typically get contracts with dealers. These contracts stipulate who is allowed to repair the supplied device Essentially, this system ensures that only the OEMs parts are used for repair, instead of general replacements. Both the manufacturer and the company that sells the device benefit from this because they can charge users for parts and services.  These companies are able to exploit users in this way through terms of service contracts and leasing agreements. They also block access to parts or information for third party repair businesses as a way of maintaining their monopoly.

Right to Repair Act

The Right to Repair Act would protect consumers from repair monopolies. This act would require manufacturers to make instruction manuals available to the public, giving regular people the info needed to fix their own appliances, electronics, devices and/or vehicles. The act would also require manufacturers to sell parts, tools and software to consumers and independent repair businesses. The Right to Repair Law would give consumers more options for repairing their personal property. 

Apple Right to Repair

Apple is notorious for issues of repair. The conversation around Right to Repair and Apple has taken off in the media. There are plenty of allegations, including that:  •Many of Apple’s products are difficult to open and messily put together with glue. •Apple will refuse to fix a product that was previously fixed by the owner or a third party business. •Apple cites some repairs as “impossible” to do and tells customers that they have to buy an entirely new unit. They say this even though third-party repair shops complete these repairs all of the time.  •Apple products are some of the least recyclable electronic devices on the market. This is because of their shoddy design and lack of attention to recyclability.  Apple makes it difficult for consumers and third party repair businesses to fix the products because the devices often require diagnostic tools that only certified Apple repairmen have access to.

Right to Repair Massachusetts Act

In 2012, the Right to Repair Massachusetts Act was passed. This act granted consumers and third party businesses the right to repair motor vehicles. Some of the highlights of this act include: •Requirement of manufacturers to provide diagnostic and service information to consumers and independent repair shops. •Diagnostic and service information should be made accessible on a non-proprietary interface. •The information should be provided at a fair cost equal to market-value. •The information should be made available to consumers and independent repair shops in the same form and to the same extent as would be made available to authorized dealerships and service centers. Currently, a Digital Right to Repair Massachusetts Act is active and awaiting a vote. This act would essentially apply the same ideas in the 2012 act to electronic devices.

John Deere Right to Repair

John Deere has also received backlash for their repair services and capabilities. The Right to Repair John Deere campaign has quickly gained support from farming and rural communities. Here are some of the reasons why this movement is gaining widespread support: •Like Apple, John Deere equipment and machinery include diagnostic software that can only be accessed with codes given to authorized individuals and stores. •Many owners of John Deere equipment live in rural areas and are hours away from an authorized service station. •Farmers rely on their equipment to earn a living. When maintenance and repairs are hard to access, farmers lose out on much needed profits.

Right to Repair Movement

The Right to Repair movement would grant protection for consumers who want to repair devices and equipment on their own or through a third party. The Right to Repair petition has widespread support for a few reasons: •Consumers are tired of not being able to fix devices and equipment on their own or through cheaper third party repair businesses. •Electronic waste has risen considerably because manufacturers encourage consumers to buy new products rather than fixing older ones. •Rural consumers do not have easy access to authorized repair services. •Manufacturers are refusing service to people who try to repair devices on their own.  Passing the Right to Repair law is important because consumers should be able to repair the devices they own. It is about time that OEM’s stop monopolizing the repair industry just to shake down consumers for more money. 

Join the Right to Repair Movement

If you want to get involved in the Right to Repair campaign, here are a few steps you can take: 1. Contact your local and state legislators and let them know how important this is to you. 2. Spread the word about the movement on social media. 3. Buy used devices and think about repairability next time you purchase a device or appliance. 4. Tell your story! If you have experienced dealers refusing repairs or another similar experience, make sure that people know.

Repair Facilities

Fixing a device should be easy and affordable. Unfortunately, OEM monopolies and dealers put unnecessary barriers that limit options for fixing a device. There are many repair facilities who want to help you fix your electronics without emptying your bank account.  Gadget Genie is one of these. Gadget Genie can solve nearly any electronic issue. Here are a few of the repairs we offer: •Phone data recovery •Liquid and water damage •Phone unlocking •Drone repair •Broken screens •Microsoldering •Software repair •Battery replacement •Digital forensics •Hard drive data recovery •Gaming consoles •And more You name it and we can fix it. Unless we can’t. But, in that case you won’t have to pay a dime with our “No fix, no fee” policy! With lifetime warranties and customer service that just can’t be beat, Gadget Genie is here for all of your repair needs.

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