Tesla Tech News: Cybertrucks and Open Source Logic Board Repair

Tesla Logic Boards

In case you are emerging from a cave dwelling, Tesla is a sustainable energy, rocket-launching, electric car manufacturing power player. Led by the eccentric, Bruce-Wayne-esq Elon Musk, Tesla has annual earnings in the billions. With a B. Their innovations range from actual rockets (that wasn’t a joke) to affordable vehicles and tech devices.  People buy Tesla because they believe in the planet-saving, future-improving vision. Their forward thinking goal is to “accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” This means that they aren’t just selling cool toys: they want to change the world. And, in a lot of ways, they are. Up against competitors like Ford or GM for their cars, Tesla is a totally different consumer choice. Much like Apple captured a corner of the market by making their products elitist and scarce, Tesla has created a totally unique value proposition. When you buy something with that superhero-logo, you’re staking claim in the future. If you are into next gen hardware, electric cars powered by Tesla logic boards may be your next pick.

Tesla SDU and LDU Open Source Logic Boards

Tesla is all about cutting edge and transparent design. Their electric cars are the most intuitive and sophisticated on the market. Tesla 2020 Model 3 and Model X electric cars have LDU and SDU logic boards. On Models S and X, the LDU board runs rear drive and the SDU board runs small drives in front and rear. These products are designed similarly to an openinverter system, with the same firmware, wifi connectivity and interfaces. Their small drive unit has an open source design. This means you can get access to it on places like Github. These proprietary logic boards are essentially the heart of Tesla’s successful electric cars.

Electric Cars & More

The first Tesla Motors electric car (the Roadster) came out in 2008. A single charge powered it for nearly 250 miles, which was totally groundbreaking. “Fueled” by lithium-ion batteries, the Roadster represented the first serial production of an entirely electric car. In 2019, 367,500 Tesla cars were delivered, which is triple the number they sold in 2017.

Electric Cars 2020

Fast forward to the current future, Tesla has some competition in the electric car space. While their logic boards are still effective and sleek, giant manufacturers and even luxury companies are getting in on the electric technology. The Tesla 2020 Model 3 is up to bat in the market against the Porsche Taycan, BWI i3 and Lexus ES Hybrid. However, at least for 2020 so far, Tesla Model S and Tesla Model 3 still hold the top two coveted spots for luxury electric vehicles. That tenuous hold, however, is not enough for the power players at Tesla. They proved that with a live explosion.

Tesla Cybertruck

If the Tesla Cybertruck reveal was a marketing ploy, it worked. After all, we’re talking about it. In November 2019, CEO Elon Musk was onstage for a much-anticipated reveal of Tesla’s Cybertruck. This Hummer-like vehicle is like a tank on wheels and is meant to perform like a sports car but be as durable and utilitarian as a beloved pickup.  It’s also supposed to have unbreakable, shatter-proof windows. These famously shattered during its inaugural demonstration. That said, it is a super slick vehicle that sold well over 250,000 units in the first few weeks. Tesla Cybetruck price isn’t a huge deterrent for an average person to buy. The entry-level model only costs $39,000, with the upper-end triple-motor version clocking in at $69,000. Whatever Tesla products catch your attention, the fact that they are all powered by logic boards and other hardware/software means that you need a Tesla repair shop on standby.

Tesla Repair Shop

Tesla repair is going to be the cost of doing business with the future. Tesla issues are related to regular malfunctions, needs for patches or updates and quirks in the system.  Tesla service includes things like roadside assistance because there could be a myriad of issues, from the need for a software installation or a straight up error. At the end of the day, all of the great things about a software-based vehicle can be nightmares if they aren’t working properly. It’s important to have somewhere close by that you can call for help. If you search for a “Tesla repair shop near me,” we may come up: and we can repair your Tesla product. At Gadget Genie, we have an elite team of software and hardware experts. We are fully equipped to repair Tesla logic boards and troubleshoot any issues you are having with Tesla equipment. If you bought in but price or distance is a barrier to getting Tesla branded repairs, reach out. We’ll work hard to get you back up and running.

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